How To Use This Resource?

Why Healthcare Start-ups fail:

1. They fail to comprehensively understand the unmet need.
2. Most underestimate the complexity and special challenges of Healthcare.
3. They don’t involve end users early. They don’t listen to physicians from the get go.
4. They don’t satisfy the needs of the complex array of multiple stakeholders.
5. They underestimate the amount of time, money and effort that goes into medical device innovation.
6. They make products that interfere with physician workflow/attempt to replace them.
7. They create products that save neither time nor lives.
8. They launch products that are not clinically validated and simply don’t do what they are supposed to do.
9. They rely too much on changing human behaviour.
10. They are not different or offer a compelling value proposition.

What this Resource aims to do:

1. Ensure that all the unmet needs are validated using various parameters.
2. Offer a basic understanding of the clinical need.
3. Provide a clear picture of the size and criticality of the problem.
4. Offer an overview of the competitor landscape and current regulatory complexity.
5. Support from all the AIM Fellows should you choose to work on a need.

The Process to follow:

Review the need statements and select those you/ your team would like to work on.
Download the need specification documents to understand the clinical scenario and the unmet clinical need.
Understand the existing solutions, clinical protocols and the regulatory environment.
Reach out to the AIM Fellows to further understand the unmet need and to collect any further insights/information you may need.
Filter out those needs you want to eliminate.
Use the remaining need statements to begin brain storming.
Get started on your innovation journey!